Corporate Social Responsibility



This policy establishes the expectations for all employees, contractors, suppliers and partners. Every person, body or company that works with AntiVice shall be made aware of this policy and shall be expected to adhere to. It serves to help external stakeholders and interested parties understand who AntiVice is, and what AntiVice stands for. 

The company is, simply put, a fashion brand. However, it is a fashion brand that delivers its products in an ethical vegan and eco-conscious manner. AntiVice wants to bring ethicality to mainstream style, and offer a choice to Australian young people. AntiVice believes its possible to look good, wear good and do good, all at the same time, and that no person should have to compromise their style or ethics for the other. 

AntiVice currently has its clothes made in India, and sells exclusively to Australians. We know our supply chain, and that supply chain is ethical. We are vegan, and so are our clothes. We limit the impact of our brand and our products on the environment. But perhaps most importantly, AntiVice strives to be transparent and open. We are willing to acknowledge mistakes (hopefully we don’t make any, but we are realistic) and make changes to do better. 


AntiVice will strive to minimise the environmental impact of transporting the goods by doing the following.

i.               Transporting all international shipments by ship, not aeroplane

ii.               Minimising, and if possible eliminating, the use of plastic during transportation

iii.            During shipment to the purchaser, to not use the “Russian doll” approach to packaging, and instead simplify and reduce the packaging required to post

iv.             Use lightweight materials to reduce emissions

v.              Use recyclable packaging wherever possible


ii. The current procedure is five items to one PVC free polybag. The next step will be to use non-plastic based bags. AntiVice shall start to plastic bags made from recycled materials. See KPI.

iii. & iv. Discussion with supplier. Evaluation once first order has arrived. Follow up agreements for next shipment. Continuous feedback from shipment to shipment, with suggestions and changes, to find the minimal packaging required.

v. All packaging used to send to customer shall be recyclable.


AntiVice will strive to minimise the environmental impact of storing the goods by doing the following.

i.               Storing the goods in a location at least partially supported by renewable energy

ii.              Storing the products without use of polystyrene or chemicals


i.               Current storage of goods is located at AntiVice base. AntiVice base is powered by renewable energy during the day. Storage site for excess items is powered on 100% renewable energy.

ii.              No polystyrene is used (to my knowledge) during shipment to AntiVice. No polystyrene is used during storage or during shipment to customer. AntiVice does not use chemicals to preserve products (I’m not sure why a clothing company would, but I thought I would let you all know that I don’t!).


AntiVice will be a vegan brand and its expectations for that are as follows.

i.               All AntiVice products will be vegan

ii.              There shall be no mistreatment of animals at any point during the manufacturing, transporting or storing of the products, or by the officials and people involved

iii.            AntiVice will not use products or materials that are known to cause harm to animals, either in their sourcing or use. For example, and including, Palm Oil


i.               Supplier has confirmed that all products are vegan. Next step is to have an audit conducted to confirm. See KPI.

ii.              Supplier has confirmed that no animals are hurt during the manufacturing, transporting or storage of the products. Next step is to have an audit conducted to confirm. See KPI.


AntiVice is committed to sustainability.

i.               AntiVice will strive to innovate to improve is longevity and sustainability

ii.              AntiVice will strive to decrease its impact upon the environment, on humans and upon animals

iii.            AntiVice will favour sustainability over profit

iv.             AntiVice will strive to offer products of the highest quality, to improve the longevity of its products

v.              AntiVice will strive to offer products made of materials that decreases its impact on the environment after sale, through biodegradability and minimal garment care requirements

vi.             AntiVice will educate its customers and others about the impact of AntiVice clothing and the fashion industry, to the best of its ability


i.               AntiVice currently uses organic GOTS cotton, with elastane. AntiVice will find either a) a recycled alternative b) an ethical source for elastane or c) and innovated sustainable alternative that can be used as a substitute for either the elastane or the elastane/cotton combination, within 4 fiscal years

ii.              AntiVice will conduct a full environmental assessment on its company’s impact and on the clothes’ impact within two fiscal years

iii.            AntiVice does not and will not choose cheaper materials instead of ethically produced materials. If AntiVice finds a suitable, more sustainable alternative to its current practices that are achieved at a higher price, AntiVice will choose the alternative (subject to AntiVice still being able to break even)

iv.             AntiVice does not and will not choose cheaper materials instead of quality materials. Currently, AntiVice uses GOTS organic cotton, and it is at this standard that AntiVice quality is set. At no point in time will AntiVice use a lesser quality or less enduring material

v.              AntiVice will use natural products where possible. AntiVice will find a suitable alternative to elastane within three fiscal years. AntiVice will ensure all its products are easily cared for, meaning they don’t need to be dry cleaned, nor specially cared for

vi.             AntiVice will include in its Social Media presence, educational facts and information. It will offer information about ethical, vegan and environmentally friendly fashion on its website, and shall regularly (at least once a week) promote one of the three aforementioned forms of ethicality on its customer outreach.


AntiVice will be open and transparent.

i.               AntiVice will know its full supply chain

ii.              AntiVice will share this information, with the permission of the companies, to consumers and ethical interest groups

iii.            AntiVice will encourage feedback, advice and critique on its performance as both an ethical brand and a fashion brand.


i.               AntiVice will employ a supply chain monitor or assessor within one fiscal year. AntiVice will facilitate independent third party audits to maintain the integrity of the supply chain within 1 fiscal year.

ii.              AntiVice shall have a page on its website detailing information, including this policy, as well as its ethical sourcing code. As soon as possible (as soon as I know how), all information shall be made searchable.

iii.            AntiVice shall offer prompt customer service (reply within one day, except during a week with exams), as well as feedback for individual products on the website. This feedback will not be edited or altered. AntiVice shall conduct a survey of customers (See KPI) within one fiscal year, and at least once a year for the foreseeable future.


Charitable Giving

i.               AntiVice is committed to donating to charities that align with AntiVice’s values

ii.              AntiVice hopes to regularly commit to community service and pro bono hours at non-for profits

iii.            AntiVice will not donate to political parties


i.               Within one fiscal year, AntiVice will outline its three main charities it donates to. It will publish which charities these are, and the justification of the choice on its website

ii.              Once AntiVice employs people, it will offer paid community service for all full-time workers. Currently, AntiVice is unsure the what length of paid service will be, but the policy will be updated accordingly once AntiVice employs somebody


If what you are looking for isn’t in this document, check out our Ethical Sourcing Code, or our Suppliers Information or our Key Performance Indicators. If you still can’t find what you need - contact us!