Ethical Sourcing Code


AntiVice will only source products, manufacturing and materials from certified companies.

Currently, AntiVice also expects that any supplier adheres to the GOTS 4.0. The below prescribes some the expectations that AntiVice has for all of its suppliers, and any subcontractors.


Employment must be freely chosen

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining must be respected

Working conditions must be safe and hygienic

At no point shall the health or safety of any and all workers be compromised in the interest of profit

Child labour shall not be used

Living wages will be paid

Working hours cannot be excessive

Overtime pay will be paid

Regular and stable employment shall be provided

No discrimination will be practised

No physical disciplinary measures

No harsh or inhumane treatment shall be allowed, upon either humans or animals

All AntiVice products are to be vegan

Every possible effort should be made to minimise environmental impact

Employees should be made aware and trained to minimise environmental impact

No sandblasting is to be used

The use of ETP (effluent Treatment Plants) to ensure only clean water is returned to water systems

The release of chemicals and other damaging substances into the natural environment should be avoided, and if possible, eliminated

Consideration placed upon the use of scarce resources

Reuse at least some percentage of its water

The environmental impact of the supplier is to be regularly assesses