Plant based

AntiVice is 100% vegan. We are working on having each product certified, but as the founder, Rosie, is plant based and the products are made from a cotton/elastane blend, you can be confident in the animal cruelty free beauty of AntiVice products. Moreover, we have been assured by our manufacturer that no animal was harmed during the manufacturing, transporting or processing of AntiVice products.

Environmental Impact

Our amazing manufacturer in India has an Effluent treatment plant which enables them to reuse waste water. No toxic chemicals are used to make AntiVice's products. AntiVice ships the products from India to Australia, as its less impactful than flying them, All packaging will be recyclable, and AntiVice is currently trying to source a recycled packaging alternative.

All of AntiVice's products are made from GOTS organic cotton, which we think is pretty neat. This allows all of our products to be hand or machine washed - no dry clean necessary. No frillings, buttons or clips (etc.) are used to make washing and repair easier, so the clothes will last as long as humanly possible (quite probably till the end of time!), again to lessen the environmental impact. 

Fair Labor

The clothes are made in a GOTS and Fair trade approved factory, which follows the Ethical Trading Initiative as well. AntiVice has traced the supply chain right back to the cotton farms, feel free to contact us for the receipts. Every employer is paid a living wage (though we do know that can be a very vague term).