Our Story


AntiVice invites you to be Anti. Anti the hate in the world. Anti the selfishness. Anti the discrimination, the neglect, the ignorance in this world. And we wanted to make that choice easy for you. So the first step to upping the Anti is make a choice to be AntiVicious and to wear AntiVice. 

AntiVice is a youth orientated brand, its for millennials by a millennial! Millennials, more than any other generation, desire to be conscious consumers and buy ethically. But we are so often inhibited by price and our desire to be our aesthetic. Which is what AntiVice is all about, matching those three needs under one little business. We want to offer affordable, gorgeous party and casual wear for the ethical millennial. Its all about being able to have fun and look cute - with a happy conscience. 

More than that, AntiVice wants to bring you quality, well made clothing, so that when you buy AntiVice, you know that you are buying a product for the eons, and that this item of clothing will last long enough for you to treasure it, more than just a single season. With that in mind, AntiVice ensures our designs are timeless, so that you’ll look and feel as good in AntiVice three years from now as you do in 2017. 

We are committed to our ethicality too. Here at AntiVice we are 100% vegan, no sometimes or take backs. We use only GOTS certified cotton in all of our clothing pieces, none of our products use toxic chemicals, we ship all of our products, to avoid the high environmental impact of aeroplanes and all our packaging is recyclable. And we look after the workers to - they are all paid a living wage, with safe and clean working conditions. No child or forced labor is used under any circumstances.