Hemera (Top)

Hemera (Top)


Do you ever dream of finding that shirt that makes you look beyond incredible. Well, you’ve found it, this quasi tank top could resurrect a zombie from the dead, and make her look runway ready. Its effortlessly flawless, and brings your style game up a couple of notches without you even trying. Its a high neck, over achiever. Maybe let it inspire you with your studies? 

See more pictures on the Lookbook page.

Social and environmental sustainability

AntiVice prides itself on being an ethical fashion line. And rest assured Hemera is ethical. And with GOTS certified organic cotton, in a FLOcert certified factory in India, AntiVice has the independent third party assurance to back up our claims. Hemera is plantbased, and no animals were abused or mistreated in the manufacturing or transporting of the Hemera top. All workers in the supply chain are paid a living wage, and with recyclable packaging and workplace powered predominantly by solar power, AntiVice is pretty green as well. For more info, please see our Sustainability page and if thats not enough, just contact us

Garment Care

AntiVice recommends hand washing Hemera with eco-friendly detergent, and letting it dry naturally, to minimise the impact on the environment. However, with a full load, Hemera can be machine washed.

Shipping and returns

There is a $10 flat rate for shipping, thats Australia wide. 

Return within 14 days for full refund if has a defect. See FAQ for more details. 

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